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Varuna Inspiration

photo (3)The magic of Varuna is time to think, as much as time to write.

This thinking time, free from outside distractions and interruptions, resolved a niggling missing element  in my manuscript, yesterday, in the simplest, now most obvious way. All I needed was to clear the clutter and noise in my head and remove myself physically from the clamour of everyday life – and there it was waiting for me.

DSC04763Sitting here in my writing space, this morning, gazing out at the trees and sky in the peaceful, blissful, quiet, I am ecstatic to know that I have a whole second week at Varuna ahead. I am blessed and oh, so grateful to be here.

DSC04762So I’ll let the photos from my early morning walk speak Varuna’s inspiration as my head is full of story and words and I’m ready to jump back into that other world.





It must be January…

…because it’s Month of Poetry. Yay!

What an inspirational way to launch the year and reinvigorate the writing muscle. Month of Poetry is run every year in January by the very talented and lovely Kathryn (Kat) Apel who gives experienced and novice poets alike a forum to write and post a poem a day, and exchange comments and feedback with one another. This is my third time participating and I’m learning so much and about so many (new to me) forms.mop12

It’s such a wonderful way to jump into the writing year. And a fabulous kick-start for me after a complete break from writing since the beginning of December. Though it’s been wonderful to take time-out, it’s also been quite strange because I can’t remember the last time I spent so long away from a WIP, blogging or some form of writing. But after several months focused on rewriting my YA historical novel, and two house moves in between, it was definitely time to rest and play. And finish unpacking boxes!

my year

I’m really looking forward to this year. So much is on the horizon and lots happening for this writer. I’m heading to Varuna Writer’s House in March to take up my two-week Residential Fellowship and I can’t wait to catch the whispers in its walls and soak up the inspiration. I plan to write up a storm.Varuna Writers House

I’ve taken on an exciting new role as Support to our new Victorian SCBWI Assistant Regional Advisor, Caz Goodwin. And I’m really looking forward to meeting more of our members and participating in the exciting range of events planned for this year.

SCBWI Conf-logoI’m attending the SCBWI International Conference in Sydney in July. It’s going to be fantastic to catch up with some online friends and writing buddies from around Australia and meet lots of new ones, not to mention attend all the fabulous sessions and panels.

A quick trip to Tassie will enable me to tweak a couple of descriptions and double-check a couple of locations in my WIP.

So welcome 2014. I’ve cleared out my email inbox, tidied my desk, and, at last, filed my considerable WIP research. Phew! That was a job and a half. So I’m ready and raring to go a hunting words. The best part is to so look forward to getting back to work, doing exactly what I love.

Cloud Gazing with Maggie

I’ve discovered cloud gazing.

Of course, I’ve always known clouds were there, but I can’t think how long it is since I took time out to watch their intricate swirls shape-shifting and sky surfing.

It’s not only therapeutic but creative, and while I watched one cloud jigsaw merge and meld a poem formed too.

I’ve made a little friend at Varuna. Maggie appears whenever I go outside to write, and then he jumps up onto the table to say hello. Poor little guy has a twisted foot, but it looks an old injury and he’s quite agile and chirpy.

Are you my muse here? I ask him. He doesn’t answer, but I suspect so because immediately he went about his business, a poem began to form (not about him) and the words flowed.

Easy to do here. And I’m rapt that over the past two days I’ve put a lot of work into the chapter I’ve turned into a short story, written two poems, focused on working in some action and dialogue into a couple of the slower narrative sections of my novel and rewritten two short scenes.

Never having to stop to cook tea works well for me, because often my most creative bursts come either first thing in the morning or late afternoon.

It’s very much an ideal writer’s life here at Varuna.

A Writer’s Life at Varuna

I am thrilled to be staying at Varuna Writers’ House in Katoomba, Blue Mountains. For an entire week I’m devoting all my time to writing, reading, thinking and communing with fellow writers. No shopping to do, meals to cook, house to clean, appointments to attend, kids, hubby, family to cater to, or anything to interrupt the flow of thoughts. Bliss. Bliss. Bliss. Am I spoilt? Yes – and loving it.

We certainly are spoilt here. On arrival, BANG went all my ideas that maybe I’d lose a kilo or two away from easy access to my fridge. This fridge is super well stocked, as is the larder with too many yummies to mention. Sheila’s meals are scrumptious and I’m taking notes of some of her ideas. I’d better start looking at some of the healthy snack options too, before I have to send home for larger size clothes.

Best of all here (not counting the absolute freedom of time to write) is the creative atmosphere. The house is so quiet during the day with all the resident writers squirrelled away in their various nooks working hard. My writing space is attached to my bedroom, and wonderfully light, bright and airy. A solid desk, a reading chair under the window and the vista so superbly peaceful and open to the gardens as if nature is right there all around me.

Gazing at the glorious trees, hearing the call of the birdsong chirruping nearby and out in the distance lightens my spirit and spurs my fingers to type or write. Funny how freehand seems to be more appealing in this part of the world this morning. Yesterday too, and I wrote for a couple of hours in the garden.

The day was hugely productive and I added two new sections to my novel, as well as taking time to curl up in the chair reading a chapter of A History of Australia VI by C.M.H Clark. That’s another blissful bonus at Varuna. They have a fabulous library to thrill any writer. I could easily stay here indefinitely and read my way through it. Ahh, to dream. Actually no, now I’m going back to work.

 Only here, it seems a furphy to even call it work.

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