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If you would like to contact me, please send me an email at  chris [at] chrisbell . com . au. (Remember to insert the @ sign instead of [at] and remove the spaces. I’m hoping to fool the spambots, not genuine contacts.)

                    Best wishes, Chris 🙂                 


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  2. Ann Dawson on said:

    Loving your blog, just saw the link on your e-mail, mind you I should be doing something useful instead of being at the computer. Ah Ha. A new Book!!!*** A good reason for some overseas travel I would say – the idea sounds way complicated, but I am sure it will be a terrific and rewarding journey for you. Now, must definitely do some work, will keep my eye out on this site from now on.

  3. Dear Chris,

    I’m very new to the publishing world, but soon I’ll have two new novels published by wombat. I was wondering if you do reviews and if you did, would you like a copy of book 1? Please let me know and where my publisher may send it.

    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Elizabeth
      Congratulations on your debut publications! Very exciting times and a great achievement in the current publishing climate.
      I don’t review books per se, so can I recommend you approach the lovely Tania McCartney at Kids Book Review or Sally Murphy at Aussie Reviews Both fabulous reviewers and review sites.
      Best wishes for your literary success and I will look out for your books.
      Please stop by any time. 🙂
      Best regards

  4. Emily Pearce on said:

    hi my name is Emily i am in year 11 and dream of being a writer i have lots of books in the making but haven’t completed a single one I have trouble focusing on a single story for long and i am normally jumping from book to book do you have any tips for me

    p.s thanks for the blog i need a place like this to learn all i can about writing and publishing.

    thanks again Emily

    • Hi Emily
      Great to see you here at From Hook to Book.
      Re: you’re not finishing the books you start – do you know why?
      Sometimes we can write ourselves out of ideas and feel there’s not much left to say or we write ourselves into a corner and can’t get back on track.
      Some writers write best as pantsers; they write their stories organically and let them develop as they go. Others plot before they begin so that they don’t end up with no place to go or run out of ideas, or get stuck in that virtual corner. I use a bit of both methods these days, though I do have to say I am going to plot/plan my next big novel more carefully before I begin. I know it’s going get me to THE END much more quickly and in a more linear fashion. (Less teeth gnashing and hair pulling too.) However, suffice to say, I want it to progress more smoothly and reach the end in a timely manner.
      Perhaps you might want to look at your story ideas first and try and work out what you want to say in your book. What is the big question in your novel. Perhaps try writing a synopsis before or soon after you begin so that you know where your story is headed and have a clear path to follow. Of course, our characters can take us off on tangents, particularly strong-minded ones. But we just can’t let them take over.
      I hope you’ll call back to FHTB, Emily. Meanwhile, I wish you happy writing and I’d love to hear how you’re going and if a little plotting and planning has helped. Or what’s working best for you.
      Best wishes,

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