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Oh, what a feeling..!

Sheldon excited

That feeling when your brand new story/character/world becomes real and – OMG, it/he/she speaks to you!

Especially when you feared after finishing your previous project (of many drafts and years) that the same passion might never strike you again.

Despite reading many blogs/interviews/author biographies to the contrary – the promise of a long-held idea becomes real. Maybe even has legs!

Oh, what a feeling!




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6 thoughts on “Oh, what a feeling..!

  1. May it fly high, Chris.

  2. ejcorbett2013 on said:

    Yay! Can’t wait to be part of the journey.

  3. Love this, Chris. So pleased for you. I can’t wait to read what you are writing now.

    • Thanks, Leisl. It might be a little while before any words make it to writing group. I’m more in the research and immersion period, but I’m getting a few whispers and hints of scenes, which is always very exciting.

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