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The Unresolved Ending

No time to blog properly at present.

Except to say… I’m excited. I’m getting so close to the finish line. Well, my WIP is.

I’ve just spent three days solid reworking the last chapter – and finally – I think – dare I say – it’s singing.


It’s been giving me grief on two planes.

Knowing the final chapter overrun with telling. Telling that (for some, still unexplained, reason) I couldn’t see despite hours searching for it, fiddling, tweaking, changing around words, cutting out sentences. And then, all of a sudden, the ***TELLING*** blared out at me like a Las Vegas billboard. (The battle was fought and fraught but two days later I think I can say Chris 937 vs Telling 0. Alright perhaps Telling still has a point or two.)

Second major problem was trying to end the story in a way to satisfy readers, yet not resolve everything. A big part of my main character’s journey is coming to the realisation she has choices, a right to happiness; a polar view to the pre Great War era where the story begins, when demands of Church, Society, a domineering Irish Catholic mother, not to mention the drawback of being of the female gender, excluded such possibilities. 

The last thing I want for the ending is to leave this strong, young female character with her life tied up in a neat bow, and no scope to explore choices or see her future open with her having an active role. A tricky balance was required to ensure I leave readers able to imagine beyond the final page. I think I’ve accomplished it.

The best thing, and my safety net, is my workshop groups and Master’s tutor will no doubt pick it up if I haven’t.


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4 thoughts on “The Unresolved Ending

  1. Sounds like agony, Chris. Sometimes we are so close to our stories it’s like trying to see white doves in the fog. You’ll get there.

    • Hi Corinne

      More frustrating than agony. But you’re spot on – I’m just way to close and the fog grows thicker the more times I read it. I’m blessed to be in a couple of great workshop groups and have trusted readers with better eyes to see.

      Nearly there.


      • It is such a juggle, the telling versus showing thing. .
        But you are nearly there.
        I hope Maire does have a happy ending, and lots of possibilities await her.
        Is it a worry that I talk about her like a real person? She is to me!

      • Hi Alison

        You’re entitled, and I’m thrilled that Maire is real to you. I certainly see (and hope readers will too) her living a life beyond the final page. 🙂


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