From Hook to Book

A Writing Day

At my desk by nine


cuppa in hand


my blog




bank account


Fresh cuppa

Read blogs/commented on blogs

opened manuscript

changed “On board” to “Aboard”

took out a comma

stared out window

rechecked email


Made cuppa

plucked eyebrows

recharged mobile phone

doodled new story titles

paper shuffled my desk

reread yesterday’s writing



checked email



wrote some blog topic ideas

crossed out some blog topic ideas

checked ink levels in gel pens

booked VWC event

replied emails

tangled in mental dialogue with my characters

stared out window


Cuppa 3 p.m.

closed all computer windows except Word

reread yesterday’s writing a second time

Forced my fingers to type next sentence onto the screen

and ———————————— she’s AWAY

clock ticking – oblivious

phone ringing – ignored

words grow and grow and grow

tension building, characters fighting, “Noooooooo.”

Two hours = 2197 words = one complete chapter – Phew!

read over – Check

Thinking/staring/doodling = working = writing = pages X 200 =


A very, very good writing day



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10 thoughts on “A Writing Day

  1. Fabulous effort, Chris.
    I giggled when I read your day’s diary.
    At first I thought it could have been mine!
    I had a couple of eyebrow hairs that had to be tidied.
    Are neat eyebrows the sign of a procrastinating writer?
    Sometimes I think you need to go through hours of fiddle to be able to let go.
    Hope you’re still powering along today.

    • Hi Alison

      I don’t think I ever quite got the connection between the tweezing and productivity. I wonder how it would work if I plucked first thing in the morning. Would I buckle down and write faster. I’ll keep you posted.

      [I deeply suspect a teeny weeny bit of procrastination occurring, but let’s keep it our little secret.] 🙂


  2. Eyebrow plucking is the key. If this vital part of procrastination is missed, then you may as well give up! I keep a set of tweezers by my desk. 

    • Hi Liz

      I’m going to revamp my working process now to include a bit of tweezing every day. Who knew it was the key? Well, clearly you’ve learned quicker than me. But I’m on it now. And mirror and tweezers have new home. 🙂

      Happy writing.


      • Ah – well there you go. A very good reason not to join FB. Look how much time you ‘wasted’!!!

        Now on Twitter… 😉

        A very busy day, Chris. So glad it worked for you.

      • Too true, Kat. Guilty as charged. 🙂

        Not ready to tweet yet. I might not get anything done. But, one day…

        Best, Chris

  3. Understand totally. A good day and fun to read.

  4. Loved this post, Chris,

    Could so relate to the procrastination techniques and I really liked the way you built the suspense to a surprising but very positive outcome.

    Congratulations on a good day’s work. I think we all have days like that where it’s really hard to get into it, but once you do, there’s no stopping you.

    Very inspirational:)

    • Hi Dee

      Glad you enjoyed and it inspired. Some days I seem to find anything to do rather than start to write – but when it all starts pouring out onto the page, thank goodness I can justify it as thinking time. And it’s always worth the wait. Often such pieces can sing quite well in first draft, or have really strong outcomes to go on with. Fun, but, sometimes, oh so frustratating.


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