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Hello 2011. Welcome, welcome, welcome

Welcome 2011.

I’m so glad to see you’ve arrived safely, and wearing a fresh coat of hopes ready to be realised. I love your free flowing scarf of possibility. And is that the scent of determination?

It’s reassuring to see you so bright with promise, daisy fresh like a pristine page waiting to be written on.

I see the notebook in your hand headed with a list of goals and enough white space below for more to be added over coming months.

Indeed you look energised and champing to be on your way. The spring is in your step. Aspirations and dreams no doubt spark your renewed purpose.

I’d wave you on your way, but… wait, I’m coming with you.

Thank you so much for the clean slate, the clear and open view ahead, and all the bright promise you’ve brought with you. I can see we’re going to be friends and together we’ll accomplish much.

Let’s go. I’m totally ready.


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6 thoughts on “Hello 2011. Welcome, welcome, welcome

  1. Fran Dowsett on said:

    I love it,

    lets all link arms and take a positive step and say give it to me baby!

    What a clever sister I have !!!


  2. Hi Chris,
    We both share a positive outlook and motivation for 2011. Wishing you every success with your writing :))

  3. Chris,
    Love the image of a fresh coat.
    I wish you a fabulous year in every way, and look forward to reading the novel soon.

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